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Petitioning Reality With Faith

In this fascinating revelation of personal insight, nationally respected sensitive, Bobby Drinnon, draws from his life-long experiences with a special gift of intuitive awareness to introduce a positive plan for living, which he calls, the path of divine order. Along the way, he shares six visions of coming world events and reveals his theory of inherited human remembrance, or epigenetic memory. To help all prepare for the future and also to live more fully today, Drinnon ultimately guides us toward that state of being where, he writes, "emotional and spiritual balance is achieved and a blissful sense of not being earthbound is ever-present. . . .

"Like a blueprint for our Father's will on earth, the divine order plan details the ideal progress for each life, fitting every man, woman, and child into the larger scheme of things in a way that best uses individual gifts. A pipeline of information is constantly relaying the specifics from God to man. There is way of tapping the flow, of plugging into the current. . ."

Petitioning Reality with Faith marks a hopeful reconciliation of opposing American spiritual philosophies, represented at one extreme by religious fundamentalism and the other by New Age mysticism. It is a book for those who feel alienated by one belief system and befuddled by the other. Armed with new understanding, readers will find themselves liberated from the constraints of self-limitation and empowered with the wisdom to pursue independence in thought, freedom in emotion, and a more intimate relationship with God.

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