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About Bobby Drinnon

Through a series of early childhood events that awakened him to the presence of an inherited gift of extrasensory perception, at the age of sixteen, Bobby Drinnon embraced his unique ability and began to develop techniques for intuitive counseling. For over thirty years, he has advised people from all walks of life, and from all over the world. Many seek him out with specific issues related to business, health, relationships, emotional distress, missing persons, and unsolved crimes, while others visit him for guidance in the development of intuition and spiritual awareness. A few come out of simple curiosity. All may be assured that visits are private and confidential.

For lack of a more descriptive term, some people refer to Bobby as a "psychic;" yet others know him, more accurately, as an intuitive counselor, or simply as the exceptionally sensitive person he is, seeking to help others attain a better understanding of themselves and the world around them. While Bobby draws inspiration and guidance from his Christian faith, he is not a prophet; nor is he a so-called spiritualist, medium, or "channeler" of unseen entities. His work involves the simple exercise of a little-understood, but very human, ability to perceive aspects of past, present, and sometimes future conditions. In Bobby's case, intuitions are manifested through dreams, spontaneous impressions, deliberative meditation, and the visual perception of auras, which are the energy fields that emanate from all living things and from human beings, in particular.

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